“We have worked with Operant Billing for the past year. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that Operant Billing team knows us and our business.”

NIGEL JOHNSTON • Behavior Therapist

“I was given Operant’s information from a colleague. It would turn out to be one of the most important referrals I have ever received. I approached Ralph about billing services through Operant Billing Solutions because I wanted to start my own ABA consulting business. I was unsure I wanted to take on dealing with insurance companies and doing the billing myself. Ralph and his team spent several meetings discussing with me what I was looking for and what my goals for my business were. They ensured me I could find the right fit between accepting insurance and what I wanted my business to stand for. With their support I was able to find the best fit for me to navigate all the aspects of insurance regulations and direct billing.

I have found my experience with the entire Operant Billing Solutions team to be nothing short of wonderful! I can quite literally say I would not have my own business nor would I be helping any of the children without them. They have made having my own ABA business not only possible but thriving. I could not have done it without their constant support and superior services. I wholeheartedly recommend Operant Billing Solutions to any company looking for support in how to navigate all aspects of ABA insurance coverage and outstanding billing services.”


“Working with Operant has been a game-changer for our organization. They work closely with us to develop systems that are geared toward our organization’s specific needs, improve our billing practices, and ensure we remain compliant and aware of changes in the world of ABA regulations and insurance billing. They supported us through licensure and credentialing processes, and provided extremely helpful tools and resources along the way. Operant is great to work with! Everyone is very friendly, attentive, and helpful. Working with them has significantly improved our organization’s internal systems.”

“We love Operant! Working with them has been the final frontier for our organization in researching and implementing ABA insurance billing effectively. I actually look forward to our meetings with Ralph and his team to discuss insurance rules and regulations, as they are so incredibly knowledgeable and so eager to teach and support us. The Operant team is also always available to answer questions remotely via phone or email, which is incredibly valuable to us. They have worked with us to implement high-quality and sustainable billing systems that are standardized within the field at large yet individualized to the needs of our staff and constraints of our existing infrastructure. We’ve also cut our claims processing turnaround time from one month to one week since starting to work with them – wow! I would recommend them to anyone in the field of ABA; in a time where insurance funding is hard for ABA practitioners to navigate (to say the least) they are a breath of fresh air and they don’t miss a beat.”


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