Telehealth Updates For 2023 That Affect ABA Therapy Providers

With the Federal State of Emergency set to end in May 2023, lawmakers are scrambling to find extensions or transition options for a wide range of mental health and medical services. Not the least of which is making allowances for telehealth services, which can have a major impact on ABA therapy providers as well as the patients who rely on their care. One of the current proposed bills HB4040 features several telehealth provisions and would extend them all the [...]

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How To Launch A Teletherapy Practice Online

Teletherapy has been a concept on the rise in psychology and behavioral therapy for years now. Like a lot of remote care options, it has been propelled in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has many therapists interested in starting an online teletherapy practice or taking their existing teletherapy practice to the next level. Today, therapists around the world are adopting teletherapy solutions to try and continue meeting the needs of the patients who rely on them. Though optimizing [...]

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