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When To Use Place Of Service Codes In Behavioral Health?

It seems like medical billing codes are constantly being tweaked, changed, or redirected in how they can be used. For a small practice or solo practitioner it can feel very much like a hassle to keep up with them and all the changes in minutia codes like the place of service codes. The truth is, providers everywhere frequently struggle to memorize billing codes that always seem to change. Yet it remains true that the proper use of all these [...]

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Ways To Improve Your Practice’s Revenue Cycle

Medical billing and claim payment are a critical stage of the revenue cycle. Even the smallest of errors in either can lead to major interruptions in your practices stream of income. Correcting a problem once it has occurred further takes away more critical resources that would be better spent treating patients or expanding your practice. The following steps will help you improve each step of the revenue cycle. Verifying information and insurance coverage as part of the scheduling process. [...]

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