How To Write Progress Notes For ABA Therapists

Tracking a patient’s progress is a critical component of any ABA therapist’s duties. These notes not only ensure that the patient is receiving the most effective treatment options, but progress notes also play an important role in accurate coding and medical billing. Properly composed progress notes provide critical information about the patient or group therapy session. As an ABA therapist, you can also use progress notes as a reference to adjust or modify your treatment strategy as needed. Progress [...]

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Rate & Frequency Data Collection & Why It Matters

In the world of ABA data collection, most people think of frequency in terms of time, and how often the data is collected in a given span. In reality, Applied Behavior Analysis uses frequency based on the times a specific behavior occurs. This differs from rate, which measures data points of behavior by time. An example of this would be a patient who raises their hand five times in a session is a collection of frequency. Noting that the [...]

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What’s The Difference Between PIRP vs. GIRP vs. BIRP Notes

Behavioral health therapists frequently need to take notes both during and after a session. Tracking behaviors big and small play an important role in helping improve a patient’s treatment trajectory and meet therapeutic outcomes. In many ways, accurate notes play an important purpose. First and foremost they help catch behaviors on various scales. This also serves as an initial platform for tracking progress in efficient ways. Though there are different types of notes that an ABA therapist might choose [...]

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What Is A SOAP Note & How To Write Them?

Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan notes, which are more commonly known as “SOAP” notes are a documentation process used by a wide range of healthcare providers to write quick notes in a patient's chart. This helps to document each patient encounter in their medical record is a comprehensive workflow practice that begins with appointment scheduling, patient check-in and continues on through the examination, check-out, rescheduling, and eve the medical billing process. In this way SOAP notes serve as a [...]

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