What Is Claim Scrubbing?

On the face of it, claim scrubbing is the detailed process of verifying all the data on a medical claim before it’s submitted to an insurance company or other payer institution. Yet this might sound very simple. It actually required a meticulous process and a professional eye for catching incorrect information as early as possible. Though claim scrubbing is about more than just accuracy and billing amounts. When a claim is processed quickly and efficiently it helps the patient, [...]

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How to Improve Collections At Your Medical Practice

Collections and securing payment for outstanding debts related to past services rendered can be a very challenging experience for any size practice. Yet it is a necessary component of any healthy revenue cycle that must be completed. A lot of practice managers and revenue cycle specialists will tell you that accounts receivable is one of the crucial priorities for practice survival. Though in the current climate, a lot of practices find themselves struggling with unreliable cash flows due to [...]

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Letter of Interest for Insurance Credentialing Tips

A lot of small practices and solo practitioners send a letter of interest to an insurance carrier in hopes of getting paneled with them, as a credentialed in-network provider. In a lot of ways, a letter of Interest is very similar to a cover letter though there are some significant differences. With a cover letter like you might write when applying for a new job, you’re really only sending a small amount of information. Usually, a resume or an [...]

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Tips ABA Therapists Can Save Time On Insurance Billing

Every ABA therapy practice should have some sort of insurance guide. While there isn’t technically such a guide in print, there are some key industry insights and tips that will help streamline the process in a way that will help save your ABA practice time and money. Stay Informed On Each Patient's Insurance Coverage As an ABA therapist, you need to always be mindful that not all insurance plans cover applied behavior analysis therapy in the same way. With [...]

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What’s The Difference Between Insurance Recoupment & Refund In Medical Billing

Medical billing professionals and small practices that are handling their own medical billing services often have to deal with Insurance Recoupment and Refund issues. This can significantly affect a practice’s revenue stream, and could also carry potential legal ramifications. What Is Insurance Recoupment? Most insurance providers will request a refund if there is an issue with an overpayment. This request is called recoupment. Insurance Recoupments Can Occur For The Following Reasons The insurance provider is not aware of the [...]

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How To Maximize Mental Health Insurance Reimbursement Rates?

Most small sustainable mental health practices require the therapist to wear many hats. Often all at the same time. This includes things like being your own administrative assistant, a medical billing specialist, marketing maven, and perhaps even the office janitor. This can be a real challenge, as these other tasks can end up taking your focus off your chosen specialty which is providing your patients with the highest levels of care. Ultimately, the better you understand the business aspect [...]

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Common ABA Therapy Billing Mistakes & Tips To Prevent Errors

Billing code errors can cause a major interruption in your practice’s revenue stream, leading to delays and potential claim denials. Making yourself aware of the common causes of billing errors will go a long way toward implementing protocols and procedures to prevent them from happening in the future. Procedural Issues That Can Cause Billing Errors The following are common procedural issues that can occur in-house, which increase your risk of experiencing claim denials and delays in your practice’s revenue [...]

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How To Verify A Patient’s Insurance Coverage Quickly?

The cost of quality healthcare and health insurance continues to increase in the United States. This prompts some individuals to choose health insurance programs that might not necessarily meet all their needs. Worse still, they might not be aware of certain coverage gaps when they seek out necessary services from practitioners like you. This simple pattern alone can increase your chances of experiencing a denied claim or other complications that can interrupt your once consistent revenue stream. One way [...]

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Medical Claim Denials & Rejections in Medical Billing

Operant Billing Solutions is an industry leader helping a wide range of medical and therapeutic practices to streamline their revenue flow through our time-tested medical billing best practices. We strive to help each practice we work with to help reduce their insurance accounts receivable by getting claims paid quickly and efficiently. This allows each of our clients to focus on patient care and eventually expanding their own practice. All while taking the stress of medical billing off your shoulders. [...]

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