Dual Insurance coverage

Can A Person Have Two Health Insurance Plans? Which One Is Primary?

With healthcare costs and insurance premiums constantly on the rise a lot of families are wondering if it might be a good idea to carry two insurance plans. It’s a great way to ensure that specific family members with special needs or unique medical conditions have all the coverage they need. While it might sound like more work having two individual or family health insurance plans, having a second health insurance plan can help you cover some of your [...]

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What Is The Birthday Rule For ABA Billing A Child’s Benefits?

Make sure you include Dual Insurance coverage - How do you determine which insurance plan is primary - Use the Birthday Rule Most insurance providers use a “Birthday Rule” as a key metric to efficiently coordinate a child’s benefits. In a case where a child is covered under both parents’ health plans, the birthday rule guides how the coordination of benefits works. The Birthday Rule is based on the primary coverage from the plan of the parent who has [...]

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