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Rate & Frequency Data Collection & Why It Matters

In the world of ABA data collection, most people think of frequency in terms of time, and how often the data is collected in a given span. In reality, Applied Behavior Analysis uses frequency based on the times a specific behavior occurs. This differs from rate, which measures data points of behavior by time. An example of this would be a patient who raises their hand five times in a session is a collection of frequency. Noting that the [...]

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Top Data Collection Methods for ABA Therapy

Being able to efficiently collect and analyze data is a critical component of Applied Behavior Analysis. Clinicians at every level use data to clearly understand the function of behaviors as well as develop treatment strategies to help modify them. Repeated data collection has been one of the primary methods for assessing behavior change through ABA treatment strategies. Though the exact data collection method that you use to track, analyze, and record all of this data will vary based on [...]

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