ABA Billing Strategies for Clients with Rare Autism Spectrum Disorders

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a critical intervention for individuals across the autism spectrum, including those with rare or less commonly known disorders. Tailoring ABA billing strategies for these unique cases is essential, as it ensures that clients receive the necessary care without financial barriers. This article explores effective billing strategies for clients with rare autism spectrum disorders, ensuring that ABA practices can provide optimal care while maintaining financial viability. Understanding Rare Autism Spectrum Disorders Rare autism spectrum [...]

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How to Improve Collections At Your Medical Practice

Collections and securing payment for outstanding debts related to past services rendered can be a very challenging experience for any size practice. Yet it is a necessary component of any healthy revenue cycle that must be completed. A lot of practice managers and revenue cycle specialists will tell you that accounts receivable is one of the crucial priorities for practice survival. Though in the current climate, a lot of practices find themselves struggling with unreliable cash flows due to [...]

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My ABA Billing Was Underpaid. What Should I Do?

It's an unfortunate reality that most ABA therapists experience occasional underpayments for a claim that was submitted in good faith. A lot of these cases occur when a health insurance company fails to accurately reimburse a provider the full requested/contracted amount due to a medical coding error, missing information, or an outright miscalculation by the insurance company. Compounding this hassle is that some sizable underpayments can lead to long-term financial problems for an ABA practice. Especially if the issue [...]

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How To Move Away From Manual ABA Billing

If you've been thinking about starting a new ABA therapy business as a solo practitioner or you have a thriving ABA therapy practice and you want to bring it fully up to the speed of 21st Century business, then you need to abandon the outdated paper or pencil form of documentation. This is an essential step toward a lot of other important innovations. Not the least of which is streamlining your medical billing practices for decreased errors, as well [...]

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Code 97157, 97158 in ABA Therapy. How & When To Use Them

A Bevy of new CPT codes took effect on August 1st of 2021. Many beneficiaries are not eligible for these new codes until their next authorization period after that date. Two of the most common and critical codes affected include the following CPT codes. 97157 - multiple family group adaptive behavior treatment guidance 97158 - group adaptive behavior treatment with protocol modification This can include up to 8 families for up to 6 units, which translates into 1.5 hours [...]

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What Should Be Included In ABA Intake Paperwork

As an ABA therapist taking on a new patient and helping them get started on a journey toward living their best life can be exciting. It can also feel challenging when you take into account how much information needs to be gathered and organized as part of the in-take onboarding process. The truth is onboarding can be a potentially cumbersome and time-consuming process for both you the ABA therapist and the patient. This starts with gathering some of the [...]

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How to Prevent Medical Billing Fraud

Medical billing fraud has a very real and unfortunate presence in the medical billing industry. Every year private insurance companies, public health institutions and government payer agencies suffer significant financial losses to medical billing fraud. In some cases, the fraud is accidental and simply related to poor practices or not using up to date codes. This is even more likely to occur with solo practitioners and small practices where the individual in charge of medical billing and coding is [...]

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Common ABA Therapy Billing Mistakes & Tips To Prevent Errors

Billing code errors can cause a major interruption in your practice’s revenue stream, leading to delays and potential claim denials. Making yourself aware of the common causes of billing errors will go a long way toward implementing protocols and procedures to prevent them from happening in the future. Procedural Issues That Can Cause Billing Errors The following are common procedural issues that can occur in-house, which increase your risk of experiencing claim denials and delays in your practice’s revenue [...]

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How To Bill For Telemedicine & Get Reimbursed

Telemedicine seems to be part of the “New Normal” and seems like it’ll stay that way. This is thanks to an impressive success rate for helping to provide a wide range of patients with basic care and information without having to come into the clinic. Though getting reimbursed for telemedicine or telehealth visits presents a little bit more of a challenge for practitioners. Especially solo or small practices that might not have a large administrative staff to rely [...]

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