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Top Reports For Monitoring A Behavioral Health Business

Business managers tend to be very calculated about important decisions without acting impulsively. These are highly experienced individuals who are guided by critical thinking and management reports that help them make data-driven decisions that offer the best chances for success. At the same time, behavioral health organizations and ABA therapy practices also need to track and analyze important reports throughout the fiscal year to maximize their growth opportunities. These data-driven approaches and strategic business models have a lot in [...]

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What is CPT Code 90791; When & How To Use It

CPT Code 90791 is one of the CPT codes most commonly used by licensed behavioral health providers. It is used as part of an integrated biopsychosocial assessment, this includes key details like the patient’s mental state, their history, and recommendations. CPT Code 90791 is typically used for diagnostic evaluations that are related to new behavioral health concerns or illnesses. It’s usually billed for the initial intake appointment and evaluation that each new patient needs to go through at the [...]

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