ABA Practice Audit Prevention Tips

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is an increasingly popular field in the mental healthcare industry. ABA providers often have to work intensively with insurance carriers to ensure their patients are qualified for various treatment strategies. This level of interaction and scrutiny means that as an ABA therapist you’re likely to go through several audits in the course of your career. Even though auditing for ABA practices is no longer a probability but a certainty. While it’s a natural part [...]

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What Is A Charge Entry & Auditing For Medical Billing?

Several serious factors can interrupt the revenue stream of any practices. This includes things like persistent claim denials, a patient contesting charges, improper security protocols for HIPPA compliance, and medical coding errors. While some of these might be honest mistakes, they are often the result of an overtaxed or undertrained administrative task. The truth is most medical administrative support staff are better off handling other tasks within the practice rather than losing precious man-hours to medical coding and chasing [...]

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