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How to Recover Patients Dues to Maximize Your Accounts Receivables

Statistically, the moment a patient leaves a medical office without paying their outstanding bill, there is a 30% chance that they will never meet their financial responsibility. Unfortunately, for ABA therapists and other health care professionals, recovering these unpaid funds means spending significant resources, that go beyond financial considerations, and also include time lost in the red tape of the collections process. It is such a recurring trend, that many providers feel chasing these patients for their outstanding responsibility [...]

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What Are Offset Payments In Accounts Receivable?

Accounts Receivable play a critical role in measuring a practice’s incoming revenue. This might be from an insurance company, private payers, public health institutions, or a patient copay. Sometimes referred to as “AR” it effectively refers to the invoices that either patients or insurance companies owe to you as a healthcare provider for the services delivered. It’s especially important for larger medical facilities and clinics, though it is critically important for small medical practices and solo practitioners who rely [...]

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