Social Worker Medical Billing Services

Social workers play a necessary role in mental health clinics, schools, ,human service agencies, as well as hospitals, and other clinical settings. Scheduling, client research, counseling and various other responsibilities can be as challenging as they are rewarding.

As a social worker, children, individuals with special needs, and numerous families rely on you for a variety of critical services

You’ll be able to get back to important duties like:

  • Identify At-Risk Individuals

  • Assess Patient’s Needs & Strengths

  • Identify Support Networks To Determine Goals

  • Develop Plans To Promote Patient’s Well-Being

  • Aid In Adjusting To Life Challenges

  • Research Community Resources

  • Help Clients Receive Benefits

  • Respond To Crisis Situations

  • Assess Potential Child Abuse

  • FollowUp With Clients To Track Progress

Increase Revenue. Decrease Paperwork.

Get Help With Social Work Medical Billing

As a social worker, the amount of time spent on simple administrative tasks like medical billing can potentially distract you from providing patients or clients with the attention they need. Fortunately, Operant Billing Solutions’s staff has the training and experience to handle all your medical billing needs.

Operant Billing Solutions is not another medical billing software program. We area team of professionals who use a hands-on, meticulous approach to implement medical billing best practices. Our goal is to provide you with prompt payment for your services while also working to eliminate billing code errors and problems with denied claims.

Our services include the following important facets

Expanding The Scale & Productivity Of Your Social Work Practice

The medical billing professionals at Operant Billing Solutions have extensive training and experience, to reduce your administrative workload. With our help, you will have more time to serve your clients and the individuals who rely on your skills to improve and maintain their quality of life.