(SLP) Speech-Language Pathologists Medical Billing Services

Speech and Language Pathologists [SLP] play a critical role for patients, educators, and institutions who need help with language development skills. There are even businesses that recruit Speech and Language Pathologists to help employees, sales staff, and presenters to maximize their capabilities. SLP’s also help treat individuals with swallowing issues and those affected by medical conditions that limit their ability to communicate.

We Understand Your Services

We understand that as an SLP, you provide a specific scope of services to help a wide range of patients with some of the following issues:

  • Articulating Speech Sounds

  • Treating Speech Apraxia & Dysarthria

  • Language Development Problems

  • Treating Adult Aphasia

  • Improving Overall Literacy

  • Social Communication & Pragmatics

  • Fluency & Stuttering Treatment

  • Cognitive-Communication

  • Feeding & Swallowing Problems Related to Dysphagia

Increase Revenue. Decrease Paperwork.

Get Help With SLP Medical Billing

As an SLP the time and energy lost to simple things like medical billing can distract you and your critical staff from what you do best!

At Operant Billing Solutions, we can greatly reduce the medical billing process from your SLP practice. The goal is to help you expand your patient services while you grow and scale your practice.

Operant Billing Solutions isn’t a patient management software service. Our medical billing professionals use a hands-on, meticulous approach to streamline the medical billing process. This ensures timely payment, as well as eliminating billing code errors, or denied patient insurance claims.

Our services include the following critical components.

Continue Growing Your SLP Practice Today And Into The Future

Operant Billing Solutions’ medical billing services has the experience, training, and staff to maintain accurate medical billing for your SLP practice. We give you back the time to focus on patient care as well as expanding the scope of your practices. The patients and clients who rely on your SLP services will enjoy the kind of superior care that maximizes patient satisfaction levels and the improved quality of life that comes thereafter.