Physical Therapist Medical Billing Services

Physical therapists play an important role in helping those with acute or chronic injuries, including people recovering from surgery to restore their quality of life. Injuries might be  as simple as a sprain or a torn muscle to recovering from a surgical procedure or even something as significant as a joint replacement surgery.

In today’s world, the demand for physical therapists is greater than ever before. Being able to focus on providing your patients with the highest level of care is tantamount. So, the last thing a thriving physical therapy practice needs is to be distracted with medical billing concerns and unpaid insurance claims.

Fortunately, Operant Billing Solutions offers outsourced medical billing best practices to help all manner of practitioners to focus on patient care.

Our professionally trained medical billing staff specialize in helping Physical Therapists so you can get back to critical services such as:

  • Patient Consultation

  • Diagnosing Injuries, Physical Conditions & Assessing Symptoms

  • Developing An Effective Treatment Plan

  • Educating Patients On How To Perform Therapeutic Exercises

  • Using Massage To Better Promote Healing

  • Assisting Patients With Mobility Issues To Use Wheelchairs & Walkers

  • Maintaining Accurate Patient Records

  • Tracking Treatment Progress & Goals

  • Advising Family Members On Techniques To Help Patients Recover At Home

Increase Revenue. Decrease Paperwork.

Get Help With Physical Therapist Medical Billing

As a physical therapist, you don’t want to waste time and energy on simple administrative tasks like medical billing. Ideally, you want to stay 100% focused on your patient’s needs, making sure they are meeting all the landmark goals they need for a full recovery.

Operant Billing Solutions can take on those time consuming billing tasks, freeing you up to be where you really need to be—with your patients. . Our highly trained staff have years of experience and use best medical billing practices to let you remain fully focused on patient care and growing the scale of your physical therapy practice.

It’s important to note that we aren’t offering medical billing software as a product. Instead, we use the meticulous best practices approach to our medical billing process. Operant Billing Solutions will provide you with timely payment while also eliminating billing code errors that can lead to denied patient insurance claims.

We do this through the following medical billing best practices:

Continued Growth For Your Physical Therapy Practice

Our medical billing service professionals have extensive training and years of experience in medical billing best practices. So, you can trust that with Operant Billing Solutions as your partner, you can dedicate your focus on providing your patients with the highest level of care.