Occupational Therapists Medical Billing Services

As an Occupational Therapist, your practice plays a critical role in helping injured and disabled people improve their overall quality of life. Helping patients to recover and redevelop important life skills not only improves their overall health, but it also gives them the ability to enjoy a rewarding vocation.

Of course, occupational therapy requires a significant amount of focus. Time lost to basic administrative tasks like medical billing puts the patients who rely on your skills at risk of being neglected . This includes critical services to patients.

Occupational Therapist Scope Of Services Include:

  • Reviewing Patient Medical Histories

  • Evaluating Patient Needs

  • Developing A Treatment Plan To Meet Goals

  • Improving The Skills Of Disabled People

  • Demonstrating Rehabilitative Exercises

  • Evaluating Patient’s Home Environment Needs

  • Evaluating The Patient’s Work Environment Needs

  • Educating Family And Employers About Patient Needs

  • Recommending Special Equipment

  • Tracking Patient Progress And Reporting Outcomes

Increase Revenue. Decrease Paperwork.

Get Help With Occupational Therapist Medical Billing

The critical role played by occupational therapists doesn’t leave a lot of time for basic things like maintaining accurate medical billing. The last thing you want is for one of your patients to be neglected because your focus was elsewhere.

Fortunately, the experienced medical billing professionals at Operant Billing Solutions can shoulder the medical billing process for your occupational therapy practice. Our goal is to help you have the time to provide your patients with the best therapeutic services, while also helping to grow the scale of your practice.

It’s important to note that we aren’t “some patient management software service.” Operant Billing Solutions’s professionals use a meticulous approach to manage the important facets of the medical billing process. This ensures timely payment, as well as eliminating billing code errors, or denied patient insurance claims.

Operant Billing Solutions’s menu of services includes the following critical components:

Meeting The Needs of Occupational Therapy Patients Today And Into The Future

At Operant Billing Solutions our staff is trained to use medical billing best practices to maintain accurate medical billing for all the patients who rely on your occupational therapy for quality of life and continued vocation. Additionally, the efficiency and improved revenue stream provided by our team, allows your medical practice to grow within a scope that fits your needs. The patients and clients who rely on your Occupational Services will enjoy the kind of superior care that maximizes patient satisfaction levels and the improved quality of life that comes with it.