Enterprise Billing Management Solutions

Solutions Tailored For 30-500 Person Practices

Accurate medical billing plays a critical role in the success of any medical practice. Even the smallest medical coding errors, missing data fields, data collection errors, discrepancies, inefficient analytics, and inconsistent audits can lead to claim rejections or denials. This can cause drastic inconsistencies in any medical practice’s revenue stream. Though it can be especially detrimental to small practices and solo practitioners who rely on their revenue stream to maintain and grow their practice.

Many Enterprise Agencies and practices, with 40-50 or more staff or clients, have an in-house administrative staff member to handle coding and medical billing. Though most still choose to outsource their medical billing to a third-party vendor like Operant Billing Solutions.

Top ABA Therapy Billing Software Providers We Manage

  • AccuPoint

  • AlohaABA

  • Artemis
  • Central Reach
  • Behavior Soft

  • Billing Cloud
  • Code metro
  • Kareo
  • Measure PM

  • ReThink

  • Source Forge
  • Therapy Brands / Catalyst
  • Total ABA
  • WebABA

Focus On Patient Care

Increase Your Revenue

Successful Practices Outsource Their Medical Billing Needs

There are a lot of good reasons why most practices outsource their medical billing needs. This starts with reducing the need for in-house administrative staff or freeing administrative staff to focus on more important duties to help grow your practice.

As time goes on a lot of small medical practices that outsource their medical billing to a third-party agency find that they have lower employee expenses as well as more time available to serve more patients or even expand the scale of their clinical services.

  • Accurate coding
  • Claim creation
  • Streamlining the revenue cycle
  • Developing a more consistent revenue stream
  • Easy to interpret reports
  • More efficient audits
  • Analytics that are easier to implement
  • Fewer claim denials
  • Fewer rejected claims
  • A more consistent revenue stream
  • Faster payment from payers and patients with an outstanding balance
  • Lower overhead costs

Common Drawbacks To In-House Billing

Top Benefits To Outsource ABA Billing Needs

There are many substantial benefits to outsourcing your medical billing services to a third-party agency like Operant Billing Solutions. This starts with freeing up your time to stay focused on serving your patients and expanding the scale of your practice. Many medical practices and solo practitioners also find additional benefits to outsourcing such as: