Enrollment Services / Credentialing

At Operant Billing Solutions we specialize in out-sourced administrative services for a wide range of medical and therapeutic practices and providers including Board Certified Behavior Analysts [BCBA’s], Behavior Therapists and Technicians [BT’s], Speech-Language Pathologists [SLP’s], Occupational Therapists [OT’s], Physical Therapists [PT’s], Mental Health Providers, and other Medical Professionals.

Our broad menu of services includes contracting and credentialing various aspects of managed care. This includes government payers and other entitlement programs. We have the experience to help with things like individual and group contracts, CAQH set up and management, as well as credentialing and re-credentialing requirements.

Full List of Credentialing Services

  • Provider applications

  • Group application and contracts with commercial insurance providers

  • Provider and group applications through Medicare

  • Provider and group applications through Medicaid

  • Provider CAQH setup with provider maintenance options

  • Enrollment processing forms

  • Coordinating with national and regional insurance carriers

  • Communicating with insurance companies

  • Setting up an efficient fee schedule

Complete Packaged Solutions That’s Easy To Understand

Enrollment and Credentialing services can be packaged with our Billing Services into one easy invoice. If you have a billing system that you already like, we are also proud to offer our Enrollment and Credentialing services without necessarily needing to contract out our billing services. Our system is designed to eliminate problems with enrollment, which tends to be one of the more common obstacles with expanding patient volume.

We have a highly trained and experienced team of enrollment & credentialing experts that will work with you and your organization through the enrollment and credentialing process. We also keep you apprised of any required updates in the future to ensure successful claims submission.

A Dedicated Team You Can Trust

At Operant Billing Solutions we also offer professional credentialing services, supporting all facets of credentialing arrangements.

You can trust that we have the tools, experience, and training to outsource your healthcare enrollment & credentialing process, with an exacting degree of accuracy. The overarching goal is to take on as much of the administrative process as you need us to, so you and your in-house staff can stay focused on treating patients and promoting your practice’s growth.