As the leading CentralReach Outsourced Billing Provider, we often speak very highly for it’s ABA therapy billing software capabilities. Since its inception in 2012, Central Reach software has become one of the leading EHR and practice management solutions used by clinicians and educators. This is thanks in large part to the way it focuses on applied behavioral analysis, as well as occupational therapy, speech therapy, and PK-12 special education.

Originally founded by Charlotte Fudge, who is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Central Reach ABA software helps ABA therapists meet the challenges of managing an ABA clinic using industry-best practices. To date, it has helped well over 65,000 therapists and administrative staff to better manage their practice. This further translates into more time and resources that can be dedicated to treating patients and growing their practice.

At its core, Central Reach provides a full set of integrated solutions with rich functionality and an intuitive interface. It is ideal for any established behavioral health practice that requires a comprehensive solution.

It incorporates the same data sets to aid in efficient practice management, as well as clinical applications, BI, revenue cycle management, and even state-of-the-art HR solutions. This all translates into immense time savings, not to mention greater operational consistency.

The Central Reach system was designed specifically for the behavioral health market and practitioners as well as their administrative support staff. Of course, this means that it also comes with added value features like Chartlytics as well as tools developed by the CR Institute. Chartlytics, acquired Central Reach in 2018, to make it a real-time behavior change tool that supports therapists in making well-informed, effective decisions. This can be done on a daily basis to help a practice realize its potential. It also offers a marketplace of courses created by experts in the field to aid in the professional development of administrative staff, clinicians, therapists, and other critical staff throughout a practice.

Central Reach Software Complaints

The outpouring of positive feedback for Central Reach has been very impressive. Though there are some minor missing features, and common complaints that you find in some of the more well-thought-out reviews.
One of the more common complaints about Central Reach software is that you can’t create an alert for expiring employee documents another complaint you see popping up also points out that the Central Reach tool is not fully mobile-friendly.

Managed Billing Minimums

In order to use their managed billing services, unfortunately they require you to have a rather large client base, which for small to medium size businesses is not possible. This is where Operant billing services come in to help take the load of your plate. We have the ability to completely manage the complexities of your ABA billing services, so you can focus on your clients, and providing exceptional behavior therapy. Our team’s years of expertise in coding, compliance, credentialing , claims and revenue cycle management, will ensure you reap maximum pay from insurance companies.

Central Reach Software’s Key Features

Setting aside those two modest complaints, Central Reach software also has some key benefits to offer most mental health practices. Taking a closer look at some of the key points might help you decide if Central Reach software is right for your mental health practice

Scheduling & Appointments

Central Reach’s scheduling and appointment tool make it easy for your team to search for a clinician using a variety of criteria. This includes searching by:

  • Zipcode
  • Distance from client
  • First language preference
  • Credentials
  • Availability

There is also a flexible tagging feature, which allows you to create labels of your choice to categorize each appointment. The data from each appointment is then collated into the clinical and billing components of Central Reach’s system.

Calendar Feature

There are multiple ways to view the calendar inside of Central Reach’s intuitive interface. It gives you the ability to view your calendar by day, week, or month. It is simple to pull in appointments for specific clients or RBTs. A useful planner view allows you to see appointments aggregated by RBT or client. Here is an example of this view provided courtesy of CentralReach.

Client Or Parent Portal

Central Reach software also offers a secure online gateway to connect with your clients, parents, and/or guardians. This portal has broad functionality for doing things such as:

  • Billing
  • Electronic timesheets
  • Documentation
  • Insurance authorizations
  • Sharing medical reports
  • Disseminating notes & forms
  • Sharing images & videos
  • Parent scheduling & notifications
  • HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Clients can securely message your team through Central Reach’s HIPAA-compliant portal. This is a very helpful feature that ensures you can assign which members of your team can communicate with each specific client.

Clinical Documentation

Central Reach’s software suite also provides digital program books, as well as customizable electronic program sheets with the ability to share notes. This allows you to select goals from a pre-populated library and track results in real-time. The data collected from notes also integrates with Central Reach’s billing system, to help maintain efficiencies for payroll and claims workflows.

Billing & Invoicing

Central Reach’s software suite also includes an easy-to-use billing system that was designed specifically for ABA professionals and their administrative support staff. The overarching goal was to minimize the amount of time required to process claims. Billing codes are matched with each appointment, which allows the payroll and claims process to begin as soon as the appointment does.

Operant billing is here to help with your billing and invoicing to helps with revenue cycle management.We can help you improve clean claim rates and increase your revenue. In addition, our ABA medical billing services will help streamline your workflow end-to-end, from claims submission to receivables collections. It is also helpful for managing ongoing consultations with medical billing best practices.

Precision Teaching & Instruction

Central Reach offers a real-time behavior change tool that allows therapists to measure behavior, collect it as data, and record it visually. This helps make better treatment decisions as well as make appropriate, measurable modifications to active treatment plans. With proper implementation, this tool can empower your team to quantify learner progress.

Central Reach also offers CR Institute, which includes a wide free and low-price courses that are designed to help behavior analysts succeed with Precision Teaching. This includes courses like:

  • Getting started with Precision Teaching for Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Helping Precision Teachers Make Quality Decisions Quickly
  • Pinpointing Social Skills
  • What is variability and why do you as a behavior analyst or educator care?
  • Determining the Function of Behavior through Quantification
  • Here’s a look at the content available in the CR Institute:
  • Human Resources Management

Human Resources is an important part of any thriving practice. Though without the right tools to manage HR efficiently, it can become time and labor-intensive. Fortunately, Central Reach offers industry-best solutions to help with things like:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Credentialing
  • Payroll
  • Document management
  • New employee information management
  • Personal verification documents
  • Company agreements


Central Reach is a helpful full solution suite of software that was designed specifically for behavioral health practitioners and ABA therapists. It offers a wide range of integrated practice management, clinical, BI, revenue cycle management, and HR solutions. When you compare the cost to the efficiency and cost-saving practices it offers the strengths far outweigh the minor drawbacks. One would also help that Central Reach is hard at work improving the mobile functionality to meet contemporary standards, which would further eliminate one of its minor complaints. Your only challenge is your time and experience to effectively maximize your revenue with proper billing techniques & rules that change often. This is why practitioners choose to outsource their ABA billing to an experienced company. Operant billing is your experienced outsourced CentralReach billing solutions partner that makes things easy for the short and long haul to get you paid.