Top Data Collection Methods for ABA Therapy

Being able to efficiently collect and analyze data is a critical component of Applied Behavior Analysis. Clinicians at every level use data to clearly understand the function of behaviors as well as develop treatment strategies to help modify them. Repeated data collection has been one of the primary methods for assessing behavior change through ABA treatment strategies. Though the exact data collection method that you use to track, analyze, and record all of this data will vary based on [...]

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What are Medical Referrals for Medical Billing & Why They Are Important?

Primary care physicians and general practitioners often need to refer patients to a specialist for more advanced diagnostics and specific treatments. This sometimes involves contact the specialist, clinic, or treatment center to get more informed advice while developing a customized treatment plan. Directing a patient to a specialist for diagnostics or advanced treatment is known as a “Referral” in the world of medical billing. Though there are a few details to be mindful of. Especially when you consider that [...]

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What Is A Medical Billing Fee Schedule?

Fee schedules play an important role in the realm of medical billing practices. Inefficient or ineffective fee schedule practices can lead to claim rejections, claim denials, and other delays that might interrupt an otherwise consistent revenue stream. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) sponsors a comprehensive list of charges for health care services on a fee-for-service basis. These fee schedules play a critical role in making sure that practitioners providing care are reimbursed for the treatments they [...]

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What’s The Difference Between PIRP vs. GIRP vs. BIRP Notes

Behavioral health therapists frequently need to take notes both during and after a session. Tracking behaviors big and small play an important role in helping improve a patient’s treatment trajectory and meet therapeutic outcomes. In many ways, accurate notes play an important purpose. First and foremost they help catch behaviors on various scales. This also serves as an initial platform for tracking progress in efficient ways. Though there are different types of notes that an ABA therapist might choose [...]

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How To Launch A Teletherapy Practice Online

Teletherapy has been a concept on the rise in psychology and behavioral therapy for years now. Like a lot of remote care options, it has been propelled in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has many therapists interested in starting an online teletherapy practice or taking their existing teletherapy practice to the next level. Today, therapists around the world are adopting teletherapy solutions to try and continue meeting the needs of the patients who rely on them. Though optimizing [...]

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What Are Offset Payments In Accounts Receivable?

Accounts Receivable play a critical role in measuring a practice’s incoming revenue. This might be from an insurance company, private payers, public health institutions, or a patient copay. Sometimes referred to as “AR” it effectively refers to the invoices that either patients or insurance companies owe to you as a healthcare provider for the services delivered. It’s especially important for larger medical facilities and clinics, though it is critically important for small medical practices and solo practitioners who rely [...]

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Why & How To Choose A Clearinghouse For Your Business

A clearinghouse plays an important role in the medical industry and the medical billing clearinghouse you choose can have a major impact on your business. The overall efficiency of how a clearinghouse processes and returns your information will be a guiding factor in the consistency and robustness of your practice’s revenue stream. Many of the best medical billing clearinghouses work diligently to get you paid promptly, without unnecessary delays in your revenue stream. Finding the best medical billing clearinghouse [...]

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Top Medical Coding & Billing Documentation Errors To Avoid

Even seemingly small documentation errors can lead to big problems in the medical billing process. This includes things like accidentally adding a digit to a recommended dosage to forgetting to input all of the patient’s pertinent contact information. Not only can these things cause delays in your practice’s revenue stream, but they can also turn into a liability issue. Recurrent documentation errors can even get your practice red-flagged for an audit by insurance providers and medical industry oversight organizations. [...]

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What are DAP Notes & Why You Should Use Them For Mental Health Practice

DAP notes have become an increasingly popular annotation method for mental health care and behavioral health care practitioner. Therapists of every discipline use DAP notes to record and manage each patient’s case. They are especially helpful for keeping track of how a patient’s case evolves while ensuring that unexplored paths do not go unexplored in future sessions. In this way, DAP notes effectively help to track the details of each therapy session while helping to inform the direction of [...]

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DSM-5 codes vs ICD-10. What’s The Difference?

Diagnostic codes can sometimes seem a little arcane, even to those therapists and physicians who are experienced with using them. Two of the more scrutinized diagnostic codes come into play when choosing to use the ICD-10 or the DSM-5 code. In truth, there are some differences and similarities between the two sets, which can make it confusing to know which one to use. In some cases, applying the wrong diagnostic code can draw questions and cause delays in the [...]

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