Differences Between Behavioral Medical Billing VS Conventional Medical Billing

Behavioral medical billing can be frustrating at times, as it tends to take up a significant amount of time, and its arcane nature can sometimes get in the way of the time you would otherwise spend treating or recruiting new patients. At the same time, a lot of insurance carriers are also prone to using incongruities in the mental health industry to deny certain claims or submit a reduced underpayment. Whereas conventional billing practices are strictly codified. Many of [...]

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How To Manage ABA Therapy Practice Remotely

Remote mental health services were already transitioning to more and more remote services before the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapid advance in remote technology and communication systems has opened new doors that ABA therapists around the world have been using to stay connected with the patients who rely on their care. Many patients have a support team already in place to facilitate the use of advanced communication technology. This has the net benefit of helping ABA therapists connect with more [...]

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Insurance & Billing Guide For New Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-language pathologists are often called upon to provide services to a wide range of patients in a variety of venues. This includes working with schools and other educational institutions as well as working with patients in a clinical setting or in some cases from the comfort of their own homes. In recent years remote services have started becoming popular for speech-language pathologists who work with patients in remote, rural locations. Where travel is prohibitive. This can create challenges in [...]

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How To Write Progress Notes For ABA Therapists

Tracking a patient’s progress is a critical component of any ABA therapist’s duties. These notes not only ensure that the patient is receiving the most effective treatment options, but progress notes also play an important role in accurate coding and medical billing. Properly composed progress notes provide critical information about the patient or group therapy session. As an ABA therapist, you can also use progress notes as a reference to adjust or modify your treatment strategy as needed. Progress [...]

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What is Value-Based Healthcare?

With healthcare costs high and continually on the rise, the medical and mental healthcare industries are making a concerted effort to find ways to ensure that people get the care they need at a reasonable cost. Value-Based Healthcare is one of the newest concepts that are starting to gain serious traction throughout the industry. Though there are some key details to understand before deciding to use it as your practice’s reimbursement model. At its core, the value-based care healthcare [...]

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What Is Capitation In ABA Therapy?

Healthcare costs in the United States remain the highest per capita of any nation in the developed world. On the face of it, this is due in large part to the fact that the US medical system has the highest pricing structure and remains one of the newly developed nations in the world that still charges its citizens for health services. To help mitigate these alarming statistics, the United States Federal Government and many private payer health insurance organizations [...]

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How To Manage Your ABA Therapy Waitlist

A lot of ABA providers and behavioral therapists find themselves dealing with a significant waitlist. Demand in this area often occurs because there is so much pressing need. Of course, you want to be able to give every potential patient and the families who support their access to your services. Yet a lot of ABA therapists find that they simply do not have enough available hours to provide service to the people requesting them. With a limited number of [...]

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How To Handle Unlisted Codes To Prevent Denials

The healthcare industry continues to evolve with new services, care devices, medications, and treatment techniques being developed each day. These advancements are entering the field faster than ever before. Many of them have new CPT codes affecting their use and applications. Yet the American Medical Association (AMA) can sometimes take as much as 18 months to 2 years to come out with modified CPT codes and instructions for some of these new advancements. This can lead to a plethora [...]

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What Is CPT Code 99284 & How To Know When To Use It

Errors in medical billing codes tend to be one of the most common reasons that a claim is denied or rejected by mental and behavioral health payers. Not only can this lead to massive delays and inconsistencies in your practice’s revenue stream, but it can cause other long-term complications. A solo practitioner or a small practice that has frequent medical coding errors can sometimes draw a red flag from a private insurance company, public health institution, or another type [...]

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What Is An EHR System for Behavior Therapy

Electronic Health Records (EHR) have become the new standard for tracking and recording a patient’s critical information. They have virtually done away with traditional paper-based charting methods that were cumbersome, and often presented an incomplete picture of the patient's long-term health records. This further led to problems caused by fragmented care for patients who needed to see multiple providers. EHR offers a much more comprehensive, chart, that can be accessed quickly, in real-time. They provide a patient-centric view of [...]

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