(BCBA) Board Certified Behavior Analysts Medical Billing Services

Behavior Analysts play an important role in determining the root cause of problem behaviors and developing treatment plans for a wide range of behavioral conditions. This includes working with parents, families, educators and institutions to develop effective outcomes for students with behavioral issues, working in classrooms, hospitals, and clinics, as well as nonprofit organizations.

Responsibilities of the Behavior Analyst may include:

  • Determining the Underlying Cause of Problem Behaviors

  • Conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments

  • Developing Effective Treatment Strategies

  • Behavioral Mental Health Issues

  • Working With Mental Health Providers

  • Helping Educators With Special Needs Students

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Board Certified Behavioral Analysts [BCBA’s] represent some of the industry leaders in this constantly evolving field. Being able to focus on diagnosing problem behavior, treatment plan and strategy development, treatment progress evaluation, and lifestyle modification techniques are of paramount importance. This means helping patients, parents, families, educators, and other mental health providers with things like accurate data collection, complete and comprehensive session notes,, and maintaining functional work environments for patients and technicians to feel welcome and safe.

As a BCBA the amount of time and energy you lose to simple administrative tasks such as medical billing can distract you and your staff from what you do best!

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